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How Do You Know How To Roll The Curtains Correctly?

SEE OUR VIDEOS AT: danidesignsco.com to see how all the curtains are to ROLL!

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How Can I See All The Color Options?

You can see our different color options by going to danidesignsco.com to the drop down menu for French Door curtains. Any fabric you see there is available on all curtains.

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How Long Does It Take To Ship To Canada?

We guarantee shipping within 2 weeks of the order, and it's supposed to be 6-10 days shipping, so it should take about 3 weeks from the time of the order. However, because of COVID there have been occasional delays.

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Does The Adhesive Strip Work Okay Where There Is A Lot of Humidity?

The acrylic adhesive backing on the hook strip is moisture and heat resistant, so it should hold up well!! As long as the surface is flat, clean, and dry upon installation, there shouldn't be any issues.

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Can I Purchase a Blackout Liner After I Have Already Received My Curtain?

We cannot add a blackout liner to the inside of the curtain that you already have, but you can purchase a separate blackout liner that goes behind your curtain. This blackout liner is white in color and can be used on its own but it's not meant to be pretty. It is just functional at blocking out light, it shows white to the outside, which keeps with code in many Homeowner Associations. This liner has a valance and two straps that hold the curtain in the up position, just like other Dani Designs Co Curtains.

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