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The NEW Camalay Fusion Curtain: A Perfect Union

Looking for a unique and versatile covering for your doors and windows? Dani Designs Co is thrilled to introduce the new Camalay Fusion curtain model! This brand new design combines some of the best features of our other curtains into a beautiful and functional new solution for your window covering needs. It’s perfect as a French door curtain, patio door curtain, or RV or camper curtain. The Camalay Fusion features two small hooks near the top of the panel, and two long straps down the back of the panel. To raise it, one simply lifts the curtain, and attaches the...

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DDC Fabric Feature: Soft Cotton Splendor

     Here at Dani Designs Co, we offer an array of fabrics for any circumstance. Whether you are looking for something rustic, graceful, thick and room-darkening, or thin and airy, we have just the thing for your door coverings.       This week, we are highlighting our ‘Soft Cotton’ fabrics. They are 100% cotton, and have a soft, delicate feel. They make the perfect covers for an interior set of French doors, or perhaps as a patio door curtain, if one wishes to maintain one’s privacy while allowing a good deal of sunlight into their home. If a blackout...

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Is a Blackout Curtain Right for You?

     Any new custom Dani Designs Co curtain can have a layer of blackout fabric added to it. If you select ‘Yes’ under the Blackout Liner option, we’ll sew a blackout layer inside the curtain, between two layers of the curtain fabric. The color of your curtain will show to the inside and outside! Blackout curtains are great for rooms in which you need to totally block out light. Maybe you need a blackout window covering for a small window in a bedroom, or perhaps you have a set of French doors that face the rising sun. Blackout curtains...

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A Perfect Fit for Your Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds have long been the go-to option for covering a sliding glass door, but they aren’t for everyone. There have been few other ideas out there for sliding door curtains, until now! Dani Designs Co Sliding Glass Door Curtains are just what you need for a decorative but simple solution to your sliding door coverings. Similar in function to our French door curtains, the Sliding Glass Door Curtains have a few extra features that make them a perfect alternative to vertical blinds.  The Sliding Glass Door curtains have a series of horizontal ‘slats’, spaced along the body of the...

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Dani Designs Co Extras: Contrasting Straps

Looking to add a fun accent to your Dani Designs Co door curtain? You can spruce things up with a set of contrasting straps! All custom French door, front door, and sliding door curtains are made with a set of detachable straps, used to hold the curtain when it is rolled or folded up. When the curtain is down, you have the option of hanging the straps from the front of the curtain, the back, or you can remove them entirely! And now, with Dani Designs Co contrasting straps, you can order a new set of straps in a different...

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