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The NEW Camalay Fusion Curtain: A Perfect Union

Looking for a unique and versatile covering for your doors and windows? Dani Designs Co is thrilled to introduce the new Camalay Fusion curtain model! This brand new design combines some of the best features of our other curtains into a beautiful and functional new solution for your window covering needs. It’s perfect as a French door curtain, patio door curtain, or RV or camper curtain.

The Camalay Fusion features two small hooks near the top of the panel, and two long straps down the back of the panel. To raise it, one simply lifts the curtain, and attaches the back straps to the hooks on the front. It’s super easy! Just like the classic Cascade Camalay, you have the option of raising the curtain to a variety of heights. One may raise it half-way, two thirds, three quarters, or all the way up. And, with no separate parts to keep track of, the Camalay Fusion is simplicity itself. We have many fabric options and colors available!

The following video demonstrates the ease and simplicity of the design:

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