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A Perfect Fit for Your Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds have long been the go-to option for covering a sliding glass door, but they aren’t for everyone. There have been few other ideas out there for sliding door curtains, until now! Dani Designs Co Sliding Glass Door Curtains are just what you need for a decorative but simple solution to your sliding door coverings. Similar in function to our French door curtains, the Sliding Glass Door Curtains have a few extra features that make them a perfect alternative to vertical blinds. 

The Sliding Glass Door curtains have a series of horizontal ‘slats’, spaced along the body of the curtain. These slats help one to gather up the curtain, making it quick and easy to roll or fold up! 

(These short videos illustrate: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/HtWB_uJupj8 https://www.youtube.com/shorts/27G8F3srB2M )

These curtains are normally installed on a curtain rod (rod not included), but can be made to install using an adhesive hook and loop fastener, just like our French door curtains. 

The straps which hang from the back of the curtain are detachable, so you can remove them when the curtain is down if you want to. There is also a second level of hook and loop fastener, about halfway down the curtain, which allows one to raise the curtain about 2 feet. You can remove the straps from their position at the top, and attach them at this lower level. We call this the ‘doggy level’, because it allows you to keep most of the door covered, but allows your furry friend to look out at the world!  

You can see our Sliding Glass Door collection here: https://www.danidesignsco.com/collections/sliding-glass-door-curtains

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