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Is a Blackout Curtain Right for You?

     Any new custom Dani Designs Co curtain can have a layer of blackout fabric added to it. If you select ‘Yes’ under the Blackout Liner option, we’ll sew a blackout layer inside the curtain, between two layers of the curtain fabric. The color of your curtain will show to the inside and outside! Blackout curtains are great for rooms in which you need to totally block out light. Maybe you need a blackout window covering for a small window in a bedroom, or perhaps you have a set of French doors that face the rising sun. Blackout curtains are great for those situations!

     But, blackout curtains are not ideal in every instance. Our curtains will still provide privacy without the blackout, but will let in some light. A little sunlight is great for creating a warm, comforting environment in your living room. If you need a covering for a bathroom window, a Dani Designs Co curtain is perfect for maintaining your privacy, but keeping the room light. 

     Different fabrics allow varying amounts of light in; the light gray, natural beige, off white, and white herringbone fabrics let a lot of light through. Others, like the black, and navy and brown canvas, are thicker and more room-darkening. Send us an email at danidesignsco@gmail.com with any fabric questions you have!

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