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What Does Hook and Loop Fastener Mean?

Many people only know the brand name of Velcro for a hook and loop fastener. But that is only one brand. We use a different brand that we've been using for over 20 years and love and trust it. We use a Pressure-Sensitive-Acrylic Adhesive hook fastener that can withstand high heat and cold temperatures for the door and sew-on loop fastener on our curtains.

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What Makes The Camalay Different?

Our newest curtain, the Camalay Curtain & Shade is specially made so that it can roll to any level. It also installs fast and easy using the adhesive hook strip.

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What If My French Doors Aren't The Standard Size?

We offer custom sizes in all our curtains. For our French Door and Sidelight Curtains we normally recommend that the finished curtain be 3" wider than the glass and 4" longer.

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How Do You Know How To Roll The Curtains Correctly?

SEE OUR VIDEOS AT: danidesignsco.com to see how all the curtains are to ROLL!

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How Can I See All The Color Options?

You can see our different color options by going to danidesignsco.com to the drop down menu for French Door curtains. Any fabric you see there is available on all curtains.

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