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Dani Designs Co Extras: Contrasting Straps

Looking to add a fun accent to your Dani Designs Co door curtain? You can spruce things up with a set of contrasting straps! All custom French door, front door, and sliding door curtains are made with a set of detachable straps, used to hold the curtain when it is rolled or folded up. When the curtain is down, you have the option of hanging the straps from the front of the curtain, the back, or you can remove them entirely! And now, with Dani Designs Co contrasting straps, you can order a new set of straps in a different fabric. We have several new patterns to choose from, like our new Botanical print fabrics and striped options. 

These straps can be a great way to add a fun seasonal touch to a door window covering or for your RV curtains, front door curtains and french door window treatments; for example, you might like a set of red straps for the holiday season, or ‘sage botanical’ print straps for a springtime feel. It’s a great way to personalize your coverings for doors, and large or small window curtains.


Note: The Camalay designs and certain pre-made curtains do not have detachable straps. Please email us at danidesignsco@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

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