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DDC Fabric Feature: Serene Stripes and Beautiful Botanical Prints

We are excited to introduce our latest fabrics, to bring a fresh and stylish touch to your home decor: the Striped and Botanical lines. These new options are perfect for enhancing the look of your French door curtains, patio door curtains, small window coverings, and more. The medium weight provides the perfect balance between light filtration and privacy, making them ideal for various applications, from French door window treatments to door shades. The polyester/linen blend ensures durability while allowing ample light to filter through, maintaining privacy without compromising on natural light.     Our Striped fabrics feature vertical stripes, each about...

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Enhanced Safety with Dani Designs Co's Classroom Curtains

One day, a teacher we know came to us with an unusual request. She needed to cover the window on her classroom door. She wanted something that could lowered quickly and easily. We designed a fantastic one-strap solution for her. The Dani Designs Co Classroom Safety curtain was born. Our blackout curtains for classroom windows offer an essential safety feature, while ensuring ease of use and installation.     Our curtains are specifically designed to provide complete privacy so that no one can see into a classroom during lockdown drills or emergency situations. They are made from quality material with a...

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Elevate Your Curtain Game with Ties and Bows

Looking to add a touch of charm and personality to your curtains? Look no further than Dani Designs Co's delightful add-on: Ties and Bows. These strips of fabric are the perfect way to accentuate your curtain panels and infuse them with a playful flair. Just tie them onto the straps of your French Door curtain or Cascade Camalay curtain to add a fun touch to any room in your home. Available in all of our fabrics, our Ties and Bows allow you to customize your window treatments to suit your unique style. With our wide range of fabric options, you...

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Down With Drilling! Easy No-Hardware Installation with Dani Designs Co Curtains

Say farewell to complicated hardware and tedious installations—our curtains at Dani Designs Co. offer a hassle-free solution that's as easy as it is effective. Our secret? Hook and loop fastener, which makes for seamless installation and effortless convenience.     Here's how it works: The "hook" component (the 'hard' side), is a strip of adhesive-backed hook fastener placed on your door or window frame, just above the glass. This strip, equipped with a dependable acrylic adhesive, ensures a strong and secure hold—ideal for patio door curtains, French door curtains, or even camper curtains. On the curtain itself, at the top of...

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DDC Fabric Feature: Dark Gray And Off-White

At Dani Designs Co., we offer curtains that not only elevate your space but also stand the test of time. Among our many great fabrics, two favorites stand out for their versatility, durability, and undeniable charm: Off-White and Dark Gray. Crafted from 100% cotton, these fabrics have a medium thickness, and one of the standout features of our Off-White and Dark Gray fabrics is their ability to strike the ideal balance between light filtration and privacy. While they allow a gentle infusion of natural light into your space, they also provide a comforting level of privacy, making them perfect for...

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