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Do you Make Extra Long Curtains for Tall Doors?

We do! There are one or two things to consider with an extra long curtain. First, because the curtains are hand rolled, it can be difficult for some people to reach when rolling up a very long curtain like this. You may wish to consider the 'Drop Down Extra Long' style French Door curtain. This Extra Long style is basically the same model as the regular French Door curtain but the straps which hold the curtain up are further down the curtain. This makes it easier to reach, but covers the top 2 feet or so of the window at all times. You may also wish to consider the 'Cascade Camalay' curtain mode. The 'Cascade Camalay' curtains can be folded to any height, unlike the French Door curtains which are either up or down.  Regarding sizing, we recommend that the curtain be about 3 inches wider and 4 inches longer than the glass to ensure full coverage.

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