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4 Ways to Style Your New French Door Curtain

Nobody sells curtains as versatile as we do! There are four equally stylish ways to rock our French Door Curtains: Roll, Fold, Flip and Down. For a clean look that draws attention by its own simplicity, one needs look no further than the Roll: just roll up your curtain and use the "Velcro" straps to hold it together. Smooth and pleasing, the Roll is a classic look. If one is looking for a little more razzle-dazzle, one might consider the Fold. The Fold creates a “roman shade” look, consisting of multiple folds in the curtain, one on top of the...

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Can I order a curtain made with my own custom fabric?


No, sorry. But we do offer a wide variety of color and fabric options for our products. Unfortunately, we do not accept orders for custom fabric curtains at this time.

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What size should I order? Does DaniDesignsCo do custom sizing?

There is nothing more frustrating than a sliver of sunlight hitting your square in the eye as you try to relax or read in your favorite chair. That is why we recommend that you measure the glass of your french door, and order a curtain that is three (3) inches wider and four (4) inches longer than the glass. This will ensure that no unwanted sunlight seeps through the cracks between glass and curtain. We have standard sizes for most of our curtains, but we also make make custom sizes for all our products. We can make custom sizes up...

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Can I get UV spray on my curtain?

Yes! The sun, being the source of all energy and life on Earth, is extremely important to us. However, direct, prolonged exposure to sunlight is not necessarily the best thing for curtains (or people for that matter).  Ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun will, over the years, cause fabrics to fade, deteriorate, and lose their luster. We recommend a UV-sprayed curtain for doors or windows that get a lot of sun. UV spray is a great way to protect your curtains from damaging effects of long term exposure to sunlight. We have it on our own curtains and we love...

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