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Dani Designs Co RV Curtains: Better than Roller Shades

Are you looking for something to cover the windows of your RV, camper or home on wheels as you explore the world? Look no further than our RV Curtains! Custom sized to fit your windows and fast and easy hardware-free installation makes them a great alternative to clunky roller shades or blinds. 

Roller shades stick out away from the window, so even if they are blackout, light will come through the sides. But Dani Designs Co RV Curtains are designed to lay flat to the window, keeping stray light out of your eyes.

Imagine, you’ve arrived at a new place, ready for a big adventure, but that window by your bed just happens to be facing east, and instead of being rested and ready to take on the day, you are jolted into consciousness by the blazing rays of the rising sun. No adventure is as sweet if you don’t have the rest you need. Our Blackout RV curtains are made with a layer of blackout fabric sewn inside, to keep the early morning sun out of your face and allowing you to face the day bright eyed and bushy tailed, at the hour you intended!


And for areas where you’d like to let the light in, but wish to maintain your privacy, we have curtains without a blackout liner too: https://www.danidesignsco.com/collections/rv-camper-curtains/products/rv-camper-bright-white-window-curtains

Our curtains install using an adhesive strip of hook fastener, which can be installed on the frame just above the glass; they also come with small 1”x1” adhesive tabs along the bottom and sides, which hold the curtain flat against the window. See the videos on the following page for a demonstration: https://www.danidesignsco.com/pages/rv-camper-curtains

We generally recommend that the curtains be sized to match the window frame, which is usually about 2 inches wider and 2” longer than the glass itself. 

Please contact us at danidesignsco@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

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