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Reversible Curtains: Double the Style!

     Everyone needs the ability to switch things up every once in a while, and with the new Dani Designs Co Reversible Curtains, you can do just that with your window covers. With a different fabric on either side of the shade, you can have a cute patterned valance with a solid curtain body, or vice versa, just by turning the curtain over. Our revolutionary hook and loop fastener installation system and straps allow you to customize in a way that regular Roman shades just can’t. Coverings for doors just got a lot more fun!

     The design is fundamentally the same as our classic French door curtain and front door curtain, with a few subtle differences. The main difference being that, while the curtains still install using a strip of adhesive hook fastener (the “hard side”) placed on the surface above the window, a strip of loop fastener (the “soft side”) is sewn onto both sides of the curtain, allowing one to remove the curtain, flip it around, and reattach it to the hook fastener from the other side. 

     The reversible curtains also come with a set of straps in each of the two fabrics, allowing one to accent a solid-colored curtain front with a pair of patterned straps, or to contrast a patterned curtain body with a pair of solid straps. 

     Each reversible curtain has a set of small 1”x1” adhesive hook fastener tabs along the bottom edge. These pieces can be used to hold the curtain flat to the door below the window.  

See our reversible curtain options here in our store: https://www.danidesignsco.com/collections/reversible-curtains

If you see fabrics in our store which are not listed in the Reversible section, we can likely make a Reversible curtain from those too!

 Please contact us at danidesignsco@gmail.com with any enquiries.

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