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Cover Any Window with Dani Designs Co. Curtains

At Dani Designs Co., our curtains aren't just for doors—they're a versatile solution for all kinds of windows. With our custom sizing and innovative installation methods, you can easily enhance many windows in your home with our stylish and functional curtains.
Our curtains are ideal for a variety of window types and sizes. Whether you need coverings for a small window in your garage or a privacy curtain for your bathroom, our custom sizing ensures a perfect fit. Our fabrics, including our new Striped and Botanical lines, offer both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, making them suitable for any room.
One of the standout features of Dani Designs Co. curtains is our adhesive hook and loop fastener installation system. This method provides a quick and easy setup, requiring no hardware. Simply attach the adhesive-backed hook strip to a flat, smooth surface above the window, and then press the loop side of the curtain into place. It's a hassle-free solution that ensures a secure hold.
For those who prefer a more traditional installation, we also offer curtains with a rod pocket. This option is perfect for hanging on a curtain rod or a tension rod, making it a great choice for recessed windows. Whether you're looking for French door curtains, patio door curtains, or small window curtains, our rod pocket design provides flexibility and ease of installation.
Explore our range of fabrics and discover the ideal solution for your window treatment needs today.

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