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Curtains for Front Doors: Simple, Effective, and Lovely

Do you have a door with a small window, and need a way to maintain your privacy without having to install a bunch of hardware? Look no further than our Dani Designs Co Front Door curtains! No one wants to have to install a blind on their door, to drill brackets into it, or have a bulky, unwieldy contraption that’s a pain to roll up. Our curtains are simple, elegant, easy to install, and can be used as coverings for doors of all types, including front doors, patio doors, and side doors. 

We have pre-made front door curtains in sizes of 24” wide by 18” long (https://www.danidesignsco.com/collections/front-door-curtains/products/24x18-bright-white-small-front-door-window-curtain-washable) and 25” wide by 20” long (https://www.danidesignsco.com/collections/front-door-curtains/products/25x20-bright-white-small-front-door-window-curtain-washable), and we offer custom sizing as well, so no matter size you need for your door shade, we’ve got you covered! 

We recommend that the curtain be about 2-3” wider and 3-4” longer than the glass itself, to ensure full coverage.

So no matter whether you need to discourage nosy passers-by, or keep the sun from glaring on the TV screen in just the wrong way, or just want to add a decorative touch to your entryway, a Dani Designs Co Front Door curtain is the perfect solution for you!  

We have 25”x20” and 24”x18” curtains available in other colors as well! Check out the listings in our Etsy shop:




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