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DDC Fabric Feature: Serene Stripes and Beautiful Botanical Prints

We are excited to introduce our latest fabrics, to bring a fresh and stylish touch to your home decor: the Striped and Botanical lines. These new options are perfect for enhancing the look of your French door curtains, patio door curtains, small window coverings, and more. The medium weight provides the perfect balance between light filtration and privacy, making them ideal for various applications, from French door window treatments to door shades. The polyester/linen blend ensures durability while allowing ample light to filter through, maintaining privacy without compromising on natural light.
     Our Striped fabrics feature vertical stripes, each about a quarter-inch wide, alternating between a color of your choice and a beige/oatmeal tone. The stripes add a touch of sophistication and can visually elongate your curtains, making them perfect for front door curtains. Available in a range of colors—taupe, nutmeg (tan), sage (green), stone (dark gray), and morning blue—these fabrics offer subtle yet distinct variations to suit your personal taste.
     Our Botanical line, aptly named for its delightful floral print, features various leaves and grassy flowers that add a touch of nature to your interiors. The beige/oatmeal background complements the intricate designs, making these fabrics a stunning choice for camper curtains. Available in nutmeg, purple-gray, sage, morning blue, taupe, and burnt red, the Botanical prints offer a palette of earthy and serene tones.
     Transform your living spaces with Dani Designs Co.'s new Striped and Botanical fabric lines. Whether you're looking to update your front door curtains or add a charming touch to your patio door curtains, these fabrics offer the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability. Explore our shop today and find the perfect match for your home.

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