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Off White Cascade Camalay® Curtain for Sliding Glass Doors 1 panel Single Thickness


Introducing the Cascade Camalay® Curtain & Shade for Sliding Glass Doors. Finally, a sliding glass door curtain that doesn't require any hardware. No holes and no cords, and has no hanging straps. It's fast and easy to install, folds to any level, and looks fantastic. Get rid of those vertical blinds. These curtains are single thickness fabric. If you do not purchase the blackout liner, they let a lot of light in, but provide full privacy even at night time. I have these curtains in my bathroom, on my French Door and on my sliding glass doors. (Pictures shown with a blackout liner.)

Hooks included.

-Child Safe
-No Holes
-Hand folds to any level
-New and innovative design

The two Cascade hooks (included) attach anywhere you choose (every 4") on the vertical straps on the front of the shade. Then you lift and attach the bottom of the curtain on to each of the three rungs of the hook to give the curtain a roman shade folded look. It only takes seconds to lift and attach.

These shades install with an adhesive hook fastener strip (provided) to be attached on the molding above the sliding glass door. Fast and easy! One may also install using a rod (NOT provided). NOTE: A rod pocket must be requested in the notes when ordering.

You will need two panels for each sliding glass door. We like our curtains to cover the whole door opening including the molding around the door.

To choose the right measurement for your Cascade Camalay® Sliding Glass Door Curtain--
For the width - measure the whole width of the door opening including the molding around the door and divide by two. (example: the opening of my SGD is 59" wide. The molding on each side is 3.5". Which makes the whole thing 66" wide. I have two panels that are 33" wide each.)
For the length - measure from the top of the molding (this is where you will attach the adhesive hook fastener) to the floor. Standard lengths are 84", 96", and 103", but we can make custom lengths.

Width = Left to Right. Length = Top to Bottom.

The standard sizes offered are:
33" wide by 84", 96", 99", 103" or 105" long per panel (66" wide with two panels)
35" wide by 84", 96", 99", 103" or 105" long per panel (70" wide with two panels)
38" wide by 84", 96", 99", 103" or 105" long per panel (76" wide with two panels)
39" wide by 84", 96", 99", 103" or 105" long per panel (78" wide with two panels)

This fabric is 100% cotton. We do not recommend washing this fabric, because it will shrink. We recommend spot cleaning only.

Watch our installation and demo videos for the Cascade Camalay® French Door Curtain on our Facebook page for more information.

The Camalay® Curtain & Shades work great in many other places in the home too!
-Theater Rooms
-Laundry Rooms

This fabric is single thickness and let's a lot of light through (but is not "see-through"). If you like the fabric, but don't want the light, just order a liner from our this listing.

The difference between the Cottage and Cascade Camalay are: 

The Cottage Camalay has two silver round hooks that slide up and down a channel on the front of the curtain. You roll the curtain and then hook. It is a little bit bulkier than the Cascade.
The Cascade Camalay has two plastic hooks that look like a cursive E. You put these hooks anywhere you want on the front of the curtain and then fold the curtain up to look like a Roman Shade without the cords. The Cascade is MUCH easier to maneuver especially for wider windows. (in our opinion)

Wanting to protect your new curtains from the sun? Purchase the add-on UV Spray.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is a different color you are looking for.

US Patent Number 10,871,030 Dec 22, 2020

*Dani Designs Co. relies on the United States Postal Service for most shipping needs. We have been pleased with their service. However mistakes do get made and packages occasionally find themselves lost. If the mistake is made by the USPS and not DDC, please follow up with them to track your lost package.  We cannot absorb the cost to remake/resend all curtains, but will work with the customer for the best solution and may offer curtains to be remade at half price.

*If a customer chooses to return a custom-made curtain, they will need to pay the return shipping cost and there is generally a restocking fee. If the fault is on our end, of course we will cover all costs.

*The UV spray protects your fabric from the sun for 2-3 years and then must be reapplied. (You can purchase spray from Joann Fabrics.) Dani Designs Co will not provide any warranties for faded curtains purchased without UV Protection. (The UV spray does not add any light filtering to your fabric.)

*Canadian purchases may be subject to Goods and Services Tax and/or Border Fees.

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