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Dark Gray Camalay® Fusion Curtain 1 panel



Elevate your space with our innovative Camalay® Fusion Curtain, designed specifically for French doors and windows. Made by blending the best features of our popular Cottage Camalay®, Cascade Camalay®, and French Door curtains, this fusion curtain offers simplicity, versatility, and style like never before.

Fabric Description and Content: The Dark Gray Fabric is made from a sturdy, medium-weight fabric that has a slight small-line texture to it. It allows quite a bit of light through, but still gives complete privacy, even at might. Made from 100% Cotton.

Key Features:

  • A Cordless and child-safe design, eliminating the need for cords or holes in your door.
  • Easy-to-fold structure with no removable parts for hassle-free operation.
  • Can be folded to several different levels.
  • Fast and straightforward installation using adhesive hook strips provided.
  • Double thickness fabric ensures complete privacy, even at night.
  • The Fusion curtain does not have any front straps, only two vertical straps on the back.
  • The round metal hooks, conveniently positioned below the valance, add a touch of elegance to your space.
  • Functional and Attractive.
  • Standard and Custom sizes available.
  • New and Innovative Design.

Specifications and Care Instructions:

  • We recommend ordering a finished curtain size 3" wider and 4" longer than your actual glass size for optimal fit. Remember, width = left to right, while length = top to bottom.
  • Select the size range that fits the FINISHED curtain size that you want.
  • Please enter your FINISHED curtain size in the ‘Curtain Measurement’ section. (not the glass size)
  • Standard size: 25" W x 70" L (Fits glass sizes of 21"-23" W x 63"-67" L)
  •  Standard Size: 30" W x 70" L. (Fits glass sizes of 26"-28" x 63"-66" L)
  • Custom sizes available.
  • For curtains up to 70" long we do a 4" valance.
  • For curtains over 70" long, we do a 9” valance.
  • Avoid washing the fabric to prevent shrinkage; spot cleaning only is recommended.


Additional Information:

  • Protect your curtains from sun damage with our UV Spray add-on. (Highly recommended for dark colored curtains. Select “Yes” when ordering.)
  • For more detailed installation and demonstration videos, see our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/@danidesignsco/videos.
  • US Patent Number 10,871,030 (Dec 22, 2020).
  • Contact us for assistance in selecting the right size for your door.

Versatile Applications: Beyond French doors and windows, our Camalay® Fusion Curtains are perfect for various areas in your home, including bathrooms, garages, bedrooms, theater rooms, and laundry rooms.


  • Shipping: Dani Designs Co. relies on the United States Postal Service for most shipping needs. We have been pleased with their service. However, mistakes do get made and packages occasionally find themselves lost. If the mistake is made by the USPS and not DDC, please follow up with them to track your lost package.  We cannot absorb the cost to remake/resend all curtains but will work with the customer for the best solution.
  • Returns: Custom-made curtains may incur return shipping costs and restocking fees.
  • UV Protection: The UV spray protects your fabric from the sun for 2-3 years and then must be reapplied. You can purchase spray from your local craft store. Dani Designs Co will not provide any warranties for faded curtains purchased without UV Protection.
  • UV spray does not add light filtering to your fabric.
  • Canadian Purchases: Canadian purchases may be subject to Goods and Services Tax and/or Border Fees.


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