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White Classroom Lockdown Curtain


If purchasing 20 curtains or more, please email us at danidesignsco@gmail.com to receive a school bulk discount code. 

Pictures are shown with blackout liners.

We recommend a finished curtain size the exact size of the metal frame around the window glass or at least 2" wider and 2" longer than the actual glass size if there is no frame around the glass. 

These Blackout Classroom Lockdown Curtains install in seconds using only an adhesive hook strip (provided), requiring no hardware to install, puts no holes in your door, and has no cords for complete child safety. They look great on your classroom door, but also give full privacy and are not see-through when dropped down for the safety of teacher and student. Simply detach the one strap (or two if the curtain is over 19" inches wide) and the curtain will fall and attach at the bottom of the window by itself. 

When you want it up, simply hand fold or roll it in a matter of seconds. It is then held in place by one strap (or two if the curtain is over 19" inches wide) secured with a hook & loop fastener strap(s).

These White Classroom Blackout Lockdown Safety Door Curtains come in all sizes. The top valance is 4" and when rolled or folded up the curtain hangs down approximately 6".



-Child Safe
-New and innovative design

 This fabric is either 65% polyester 35% cotton or 100% cotton (we're using one or the other of these fabrics to keep up with the demand.) Machine wash on cold. Lay flat to dry. DO NOT DRY IN DRYER or they will shrink. 

If you purchase the flame retardant,  we spray it on your curtain. It is called FireGuard by ForceField. The ForceField Fire Guard Fabric & Upholstery Flame Retardant is an easy and effective way to provide flame-retardant protection to clothing, draperies, furniture, carpets, rugs, wall treatments and numerous other fabric surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly solution that contains no hazardous materials, making it safe for use on fabrics and a variety of other flammable or combustible materials. 

Still having questions about how our curtains are installed or folded? See our Youtube videos to see the curtains in action.


*Dani Designs Co. relies on the United States Postal Service for most shipping needs. We have been pleased with their service. However mistakes do get made and packages occasionally find themselves lost. If the mistake is made by the USPS and not DDC, please follow up with them to track your lost package.  We cannot absorb the cost to remake/resend all curtains, but will work with the customer for the best solution and may offer curtains to be remade at half price.

*If a customer chooses to return a custom-made curtain, they will need to pay the return shipping cost and there is generally a restocking fee. If the fault is on our end, of course we will cover all costs.

*Canadian purchases may be subject to Goods and Services Tax and/or Border Fees.

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