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How are Dani Design Co curtains installed?

Our French Door curtains are installed with a piece of adhesive "Velcro" that sticks just above the window or molding. One piece of the "Velcro" (the hook part) is stuck to the door/wall, and the other piece (the loop) is on the back of the curtain itself. This makes for easy, immediate setup and removal. Maybe you want to switch to a more seasonally appropriate curtain; switch them out in a second. It's beautifully easy and elegantly simple. Watch for new Holiday Designs in November!

Our Bare Essential Shades® (patent pending) are installed on a tension rod which is included in each order! These curtains are top down/bottom up. So they literally only takes seconds to install, as well!

Our newest product, the Sliding Glass Door Curtain Shade installs on a normal curtain rod.

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