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4 Ways to Style Your New French Door Curtain

Nobody sells curtains as versatile as we do! There are four equally stylish ways to rock our French Door Curtains: Roll, Fold, Flip and Down.

For a clean look that draws attention by its own simplicity, one needs look no further than the Roll: just roll up your curtain and use the "Velcro" straps to hold it together. Smooth and pleasing, the Roll is a classic look.

Roll style

If one is looking for a little more razzle-dazzle, one might consider the Fold. The Fold creates a “roman shade” look, consisting of multiple folds in the curtain, one on top of the other, and staggered so as to create both layers and volume. The fold technique will never fail to impress and dare we say, amaze.

Fold style

The Flip style, in addition to being eye-catching, provides a happy medium of shade to sunlight. Just grab the two bottom corners and fold them behind and towards the middle, flip your curtain up through the strap that goes across the top of the curtain (just under the valance.)

Flip style

Lastly, if one wishes to show off their curtain in all its glory, and tamper the blazing sunlight, (after all, that is what curtains are for!) one must look no further than the classic Down style. Just let your curtain hang, that's all there is to it. Wonderful.

Down style

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